The Ardèvol family has been growing vines in the village of Porrera since the 13th century. In the 1930’s and 40’s wine was sold in bulk. Subsequently hazelnut production became in high demand and wine production was abandoned to grow hazelnuts. In 1995 the family decided to go back to viticulture and created Celler Ardevol. The cellar itself is located in the tiny village of Porrera and the vineyards are small parcels spread out all around the village against the steep licorella slopes. The vineyards cover 10 hectares and grow in very poor soil, perfectly orientated. Josep Ardèvol, owner winemaker, wants to create wines that express the purity of the terroir from Priorat. The vineyards have very low yields and are worked by hand in harmony with nature, based on organic and biodynamic practices with no herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. Sulphur is the only fungicide that is used. Josep believes that each and every interaction with the vines, the vineyards and grapes have a direct impact. It is therefore important to respect nature’s equilibrium in order to find balance and the true expression of the land’s identity into the wine; this is achieved through integrity and respect for nature. Josep does long macerations, gentle pressing and ages his wines in French oak barrels with light toasting and fine grain. All of this in order to create a wine evoking pure natural sensations, with no excess wood or toast flavors and other elements that would not complement the ageing of the wine.
There are three vineyards:
- La Coma d’en Romeu: 400 meters altitude, facing south and south east, this vineyard is mainly planted with Cabernet Sauvignon
- El Menescal / Mas d’en Pubill: 450 meters altitude, south facing slope, planted with Syrah and Garnacha
- Mas d’en Caçador: 500 meters altitude, north facing and planted with Merlot

In 2001 Priorat was promoted to DOC, which is the highest wine category in Spain. The only other region to have received DOC status is the Rioja region.