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Alaia Marisa
2014 Blend


Vineyard: Castilla y León.
Soil Type: Sandy loam with pebbles on the surface and clay several meters under.
Vine Age: 25 years old and older.
Irrigation: Drip Method
Harvest Date: October.
Yield: 8 t/ha.


This is a blend of Prieto Picudo and Tempranillo.
The grapes are carefully selected in the vineyard, especially looking at acidity and alcohol levels. Hand harvested in 14 kg lugboxes.
Carefull destemming to extract the vegetal parts from the bunches, followed by a slight pressing to extract the best must and to facilitate the maceration process.
The must goes through an interchanger device to decrease the temperature from 18-20º Centigrade down to 12-14ºCentigrade, this is done to prevent fermentation during the maceration process. Grapes and must macerate for 10 to15 days at 12-14ºCentigrade for aroma and color extraction. The must is then left on the skin to ferment for approximately seven days at a maximum temperature of 25 to 26ºCentigrade.
During the fermentation process the must goes through regular remontage to increase oxygenation and develop the aromas. When fermentation is finished, after about seven days, the solids are separated from the fermented wine.
Aged for several months in 225 liters French oak barrels.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Bright red cherry.
Nose: Ripe fruity aromas with some lactic notes, balsamic, cigar box, toffee and spices such as black pepper.
Palate: Light in the mouth, fruity, fresh and balanced, well integrated barrel aromas and long aftertaste with a dry finish.
Clean aftertaste where the ripe fruity aroma returns.
Other: Alaia Marisa will pair well with grilled red meat or lamb chops as well as winter stew. This is a great value wine that over delivers.

Chemical Analysis:

Alc (%): 13.5
RS (g/l):
TA (g/l):