Alaia Verdejo
2011 Verdejo


Vineyard: Castilla y León
Soil Type: Sandy loam with boulders on the surface and clay underneath several meters deep.
Vine Age:
Irrigation: No irrigation
Harvest Date: 5th of October 2011


Spring 2011 was very rainy and rather cold, followed by a very hot & dry summer which favored the health of the grapes while ripening in ideal conditions. This resulted in a healthy harvest and a naturally balanced acidity.
During the vinification process these ideal conditions were key to the quality and respect for the variety. Special attention was given to preventing oxidation and preserving the natural aromas, daily monitoring and thorough control of the process of fermentation, to create a top quality wine.

The grapes were harvested at optimum ripeness and treated so that no oxidation occurred.
The grapes are transported from the vineyard to the cellar in temperature controlled stainless steel containers, de-stemmed and pressed gently.
Cooled down to 10º Centigrade for 12 hours.
The yeast was especially selected to express best the primary aromas of the Verdejo grape. Inoculation was done as early as possible with good acclimatization.
Fermentation controlled at 16º C to finish at 18º Centigrade over 18 days.
The wine was racked 3 times; twice in winter and a last time in early spring.
Tests were made of various doses and types of clarifyers, finally opting for bentonite and PVPP.
The wine was cold stabilized at –5º C for 10 days before filtration. Open filtration plates were used so that the integrity and quality of the end product is maximized.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Golden yellow.
Nose: The nose is intense with hints of apples, ripe tropical fruits and white flowers.
Palate: In the palate the texture is oily, the finish is long and elegant with a good balance between the fruits and acidity. Very fresh and pure with a crisp acidity.
Other: Verdejo pairs particularly well with greens dressed in vinaigrette, scallops & shellfish or any ingredient that shows some sharp flavors such as olives or tomatoes, or other salty cured meats.

Chemical Analysis:

Alc (%): 13
RS (g/l): 1.1
TA (g/l): 5.93
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