Wildekrans Cabernet Franc Merlot
2000 Blend


Vineyard: North facing (sun all day).
Soil Type: Bokkeveld shale.
Vine Age: Planted in July (winter) of 1993.
Irrigation: Drip Method
Harvest Date: March 8, 2000.
Yield: 8.5


Stalks and stems removed and berries only lightly cracked
Yeasts were added and fermentation was completed in stainless steel tanks.
During fermentation juice pumped through skins three times daily for 2 days and thereafter twice daily to keep the cake moist.
After fermentation, wine was racked off skins, skins went into press, both pressed juice and wine were combined in tanks
Malolactic culture was then inoculated and wine was left in French oak for 8 months.
Bottled on October 24, 2000; making 605 cases

Tasting Notes:

Color: Ruby red, deep intense centre.
Nose: Careful oaking allows the Cabernet Franc to express inherent fruit and an unhindered, raspberry, and, spicy, which opens to reveal ripe plums, almonds, and nuts.
Palate: Well-balanced tannins from fully ripe grapes, big full grip, which is chewy, but
approachable because of the Merlot’s influence, revealing rich promise and shows
great follow through.
Other: Blend of 90% cabernet franc and 10% merlot

Chemical Analysis:

Alc (%): 13.5
RS (g/l): 2.1
TA (g/l): 5.5
pH: 3.47
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